Investor: Everyone over the age of ​ 18​ can be an investor. A minimum investment of 10% of the value of the transaction is required. Ex. If the property is selling at $100,000.00, the minimum he or she ​ must​ invest is $10,000. One would then get 7% of the net profits every month from the rents. REISM will do its best to negotiate the price down. The investor will get 50% of the discounted amount that REISM managed to get, which in turn will give the investor a better ROI (return of investment). The other 50% of the discount will be for REISM to use as either a small investment in said property, or as its profit from the transaction. Every investor is free to sell his investment through REISM as soon as he wants. When the investor makes the offer, he or she is required to send 10% of his investment. This 10% ​ will​ be reimbursed if the investor backs down. ​ 100% guaranteed. ​ The investor must send proof that he or she has the amount offered by emailing ​ info@reism.app​ a copy of the proof of fund. Every investor will be the owner of the property in which he or she invested in proportion to the amount invested. A company will be opened for every property in which the investors will all be partners in proportion to the amount invested. That company will open a checking account in which the monthly rent will be deposited.Management​ : REISM will be in charge of management. Management fee is 10% of returned monthly rent REISM momentarily retains another 20% of returned monthly rent for taxes, accounting, insurance, and repair fees. Any extra will be returned to investors at the end of the year. If more is needed, more will be taken from the returned monthly rent. Agent: An agent or owner can list a property or company in order to sell it, as long as the information is 100% accurate. The agent or owner needs to provide proof that he or she is either the owner or has given authorization for the sale to be made by emailing ​ info@reism.app The agent or the owner will get a 3% commission of the transaction when the sale is complete. Total commission is 6%. The other 3% is for our assigned agent. The agent or owner can partake in the investment for 4% of the property/company instead of the standard 3% cash commission when the sale is complete.